Macbook Pro 15″ (Early 2011)
Macbook Pro 15″ (Early 2011)

Its going to be quite apparent if your Macbook Pro 15″ (Early 2011)
has a problem with its graphics chip (GPU).
The display will have a pinkish element around most objects as shown in the picture below.

This is a known problem with this model. Apple did acknowledge the issue and implemented a worldwide repair extension program. Sadly this ended on the 31st December 2016


The good news is this laptop can still be repaired in our workshop. The way to repair these are to replace the faulty graphics chip with a brand new chip.

We don’t offer a re-balling service, where we re-use the same dead chip. Unfortunately many repair shops still see re-balling the same chip as a viable repair.

Logic Board BGA Machine

You can see in the picture above the GPU aligned on our BGA rework station ready for the chip to be removed.

Logic Board Chip Removal

The GPU chip being heated up to 225C, so it can be cleanly removed in one swift move.