Why us?


Computrix understands that every business/person is unique, and because of this we offer support options that can be personally tailored to suit your IT needs.


Since we started as a small break fix company back on 2007, we have always provided advice for anyone requiring it. We have a core believe that educating our customers is not to the detriment of our bottom line. We have helped literally thousands of individuals, via face to face meetings, over the phone or on remote desktop sharing…..

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Main services

Mac Repair

Designing user-friendly and easy-to-follow interfaces.

IT Support

Providing users with the extensive experience of working on mobile projects on the go.

PC Repair

Creating engaging stories that are both interactive and effective.

Remote Support

Providing 24/7 assistance without any hidden fees.

Work team

Gurminder Marway
Gurminder Marway
He is responsible for the general running of the repair workshop and
Sonya Marway
Sonya Marway
Sonya is the heartbeat of the company. She ensures repairs and support
Matt Allum
Matt Allum
Matthew has been offering customer facing repairs and support with us for

Our development

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